About Me

As an Arizona-based ex-New Yorker (with more than a decade in Toronto thrown in), I’ve enjoyed years of creative writing and editing—I prefer to think of it as an ongoing conversation—reaching a (largely female) audience as a Senior Editor at publications such as GLAMOUR, WWD/W, ELLE and HARPER’S BAZAAR.

For 8 years each, I had all the fun and challenges that come with managing a creative team as EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of Canada’s FASHION magazine and as CREATOR/EIC of BEAUTY AT THE BAY for the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Other memorable stuff I’ve done includes writing and delivering a daily radio segment on matters of style and trends, ghostwriting a beauty book for one of the original Charlie’s Angels, interviewing notables from Sophia Loren to Chris Evans, trekking Nepal’s Annapurnas and snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef.







beauty at the bay